Thursday, 22 December 2011

"The Jonny K. EP"

What's up mother i figured i'd tell yall some shit about my free EP (free music FTW) called The Jonny K. EP  (artwork inspired by Nipsey Hussle's "The Marathon Continues" mixtape)

I called this The Jonny K. EP pretty much cuz...i didnt plan to name it originally OR give it a cover..but my bro said i i was like aite fuck it...imma call it The Jonny K. EP..fuck..if Odd Future has a mixtape called The Odd Future Tape...why cant i call it that :/ haha...and i was listening to Nipsey Hussle's new mixtape (TMC) at the time and i always liked that cover so i did somethin similar...i dont think thats stealing since i let yall know where the name and cover influence came from lol so yea

Theres gonna be 5 - 6 songs on this EP...some were written and/or recorded maaaaad long ago...(but are still nice..this isnt full of bullshit that i didnt wanna put out lol) and some were written specifically for this project...and altho its the prelude to Midnight Music II not all the songs have the same smooth sound..its mostly regular songs..i wont spoil the beats or names tho..i got like 2 more songs to write yea..

Theres really no specific release date for this to be just gonna put it out when its finished and mixed and everything..just a little something to make up for all the time i havent put anything out..and i didnt wanna put these tracks out one by one so yea..this is an experiment i guess...if it works out well and gets good feedback n a decent amount of downloads..expect more projects like this..(its up to u really :/ lol)

So yea i love the songs i did so far for this...i feel like its allowing me to explore a few new styles (new coming from me..not gonna lie n say im doin shit thats never been done before) so the songs cover some different topics n shit like that..i like it so i cant wait to let yall hear this shit..when it comes out imma put a video on my facebook page so yall can know its out..and itll be on this blog of yea..look out for The Jonny K. EP...hopefully coming by the end of the year...altho its probably not..but whatever ull get it soon enough lol

(here's Nipsey's cover if u wanna compare em...with a download link to the mixtape..which i recommend u get cuz its dope n all haha)

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