Wednesday, 4 January 2012

New Cypher...(coming soon)

As some of u may or may not 2010..the first time anyone heard me rap...i was rapping on a "cypher" video with my brother Quincy (who doesnt really rap anymore sadly :/ lol) and a lot of yall told me yall liked the shit..which is why i continued rapping lol (thanks for that :D haha its now just part of my life)..cuz i always thought about rapping n occasionally used to write verses n shit for fun..but thass another doin another cypher was SUPPOSED to have Quincy on it..but he gave up on writing his verse cuz he got a little rusty so he says lol (thass what happens when u stop doin somethin u always do lol) so imma do my part of the video n upload that since he gave me the OK to do yea...a little over a year later...another cypher (without Quincy)...for us all to compare the 2 lol..coming soon..


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