Friday, 20 July 2012

A Random Letter About Some Random Shit (MM2 & More)....

..................*cool introduction*...aite now that thass over...lemme just get into what i want to say


So....its summer time.......its been almost a year since i dropped Midnight Music 1 (which came out on August 2nd, 2011)...a lot has changed in that year..i smoked a lotta weed in that year...i got drunk n passed out a few times in that year....i dropped outta school in that year...i dropped The Jonny K. EP in that n Trizzy dropped High Times in that year..and that year..i went from bein that fro-less kid not too many people knew to bein a kid with an afro who a few hundred or thousand people are familiar with and somebody those people rly fuck wit...and in a rapper...that shit means i appreciate each n every person who fucks wit RLG and fucks wit Jonny K....whether its 100 of u or 2000 of u...cuz i know how hard it is in this country to get people to genuinely give a fuck about u as a we dont take that for granted...we work hard as fuck and we appreciate every bit of support we yea...i dont mind when i go somewhere and somebody comes tells me they fuck wit my shit n wants to touch my hair n all kindsa shit like that...thats cool..if u see me somewhere n u like my/our music or just think im a wavy ass nigga come n say wassup...i like to know that real actual living motherfuckers care about what we do (and u dont have to ask to touch my hair lol)..and about this whole "groupies" thing everyone loves to throw around.....if i cant get u to flash ur titties for me in public based only on the fact that u like my music...ur not a groupie...fuck that..(however...if i CAN get u to do that shit.......---> @imJonnyK) so we dont have groupies lol so all the female supporters/fans (i still dont like to use the word "fans"..idk if i have "fans" yet) out there in internet land...dont be afraid to show support..fuck what ppl say..anyway....wasnt this sposed to be about MM2?anyway yea lemme get into that..


Midnight Music 2

Last year i put out Midnight debut solo project...n yall thought it was the shit...and still do apparently....and i really really really appreciate that....but imma be honest....i cant listen to that not sayin i dont like the songs and im not sayin i dont think u should listen to it....but honestly...i did that when i just started takin this rappin thing seriously...i wasnt 100% comfortable with how i sounded on songs yet...i didnt know how to make shit sound as cool as i wanted it to sound...i didnt really have my style perfected at the time...i still dont have it far from not as good a rapper as i would like to be..but thats part of why i do what i get better...but thats just my personal opinion..MM1 still has some cool songs on it and im still glad yall like it and still listen to those songs to this day..thanks for that...but me personally...i dont listen to it anymore...not because i think it sucks...but because i know i could've done it so much delivery could've been much better..and on some songs (like "Don't Mind"..i'll get into that in a bit) i didnt sound like Jonny K....on that particular song i sounded like Wiz Khalifa mixed with Curren$y...cuz those are 2 of my favorite rappers for various back then..with me not having a lot of experience n shit..i hopped on a Wiz beat..and naturally came out soundin like them..i didnt really see it back then...but as i developed my own identity i started to feel some type of way about that...and i would continue to feel some type of way about that if i didnt just admit yea lol and that is why i decided to do Don't Mind Pt. 2....because if i remember correctly..Don't Mind was a lot of people's favorite song from MM1...and i felt like somethin would be wrong if i didnt do a "Don't Mind" track as Jonny K....instead of some kid that raps sorta like Wiz & Curren$y sampled the same song that the original Don't Mind (or Wiz Khalifa - Spotlight) beat came from.. (click here to check out the song that was sampled) and i made a beat outta that shit...and i sent it to Chuck..he wrote some shit...and i wrote some shit...and we came out with our own track..and im officially proud of that i can finally stop stressin over the fact that i made a song and i rapped just like some other niggas i listen to lol but with all of that said....i've grown a lot as an artist..and i feel like Midnight Music 2 will prove Jonny not as good as i wanna be..but who IS as good as they wanna be...the point me..and i feel like i have my own identity as a rapper now..and i can finally sit n listen to my shit n not feel weird about it lol so i plan to make Midnight Music 2..what the first one should've been......if this was a movie..that would be the little tag line thing u see on the poster..."Midnight Music 2.....what the first one should've been" but yea really tho...i feel like this is really gonna be what the first one should've i took time with this...spent days doin nothin but listening to the beats i picked out...i replaced beats....i came up with ideas...i did artwork...all that shit...even if im not writing always working on this shit in some way...even if im just thinking about how to make something sound i feel like this is gonna be a project i can be proud of for a long time..this is gonna be me doing me 100% of the time..and i must say this...dont expect some mind blowing Kendrick Lamar type shit...i realized i over think my shit too much..from now on im just doing what sounds good..what i like...what i would want to sit n listen to all night.....without using that as an excuse to make music that DOESN'T sound good.....basically what im saying is..dont expect the most "lyrical" shit or super "deep" shit...just expect cool shit u can cruise around to and think about mustangs and airports and cities and weed to....if i write a "deep" be it...if i write a "lyrical" be it..if i just hop on a beat and make some shit that sounds really straight forward but cool...(like Don't Mind Pt. 2) be it....its all me...its all "Midnight Music"..and "midnight/airport music" is my favorite kinda i know what im doin this time around...just expect some cool shit to listen to on the way to ur summer parties and on the way to/from the airport at night n all that yea...thats it...theres no epic outro to this long ass essay or anything....its just done.....its over.........if u read all this shit....thank u...cuz i think thats cool and prolly took a lot of time lol but yea whatever tho thass it..just needed to get all that shit off my chest...


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