Thursday, 22 December 2011

A Little Info on Midnight Music II

Just wanted to give yall some info about MM2...(and here to download the first Midnight Music if u havent already) its a lot so just read from whatever section ur interested in i guess...nobody has a gun to ur head....i think....i hope....... :/

THE SONGS: basically this time around..i feel like the beat selection is better...dont get me wrong..i loved the first MM's beats..but this time i think it really captures what MM is all about more than the last one...last time it had a few beats/songs that didnt 100% fit in for one reason or another (wont go into details) but this time theyre all smooth as they should im hoping the songs come out perfect lol..i dont wanna get u excited n say this ones gonna be better so i wont cuz thats ur decision to make..hopefully when this comes out u still fuck wit the first one cuz i still do and i know some of u do too...but i feel like this one is setting up to be more "mature" than the last..not talkin about what i rap about but how i confidence..and i know how to make somethin sound how i want it to sound better now that ive been recording so much between the first one and the we'll all see how i do this time around..(around 15 songs this time instead of 13..that includes another bonus track with me sticking a verse on someone elses song and calling it a remix lol)

I wont show u the cover just yet...not til next year..but i will tell has the same kinda look as the first..somethin smooth..a place u would wanna be when ur hearing this smooth ass music..

Theres no official release date for MM2 yet..i WAS hoping to have it finished by my birthday (january 6th) but High Times was my main focus until it was 100% finished and it got pushed back mad times due to us not having all the songs in our possession and stuff..honestly HT was supposed to be released since like October :/ lol but i aint was the perfect time..Trizzy's yall some time to fuck wit it and share it/talk about it so we get more downloads *hint hint* and thass goin well so far (Y) yea anyway..back to MM2..i was gonna put it out on my birthday...but im in no hurry at all to rush down the rest of the tracks for that date cuz theres no way i can do all that promo and release singles between now and the 6th of next when im writing MM i like to let shit come to me when it wants to..thats how i get the best outta myself for smooth tracks like these..(i got 2 songs done so far and started a 3rd yea) so expect this early next year but not in january..sorry

Just like the first one..i do NOT plan to fill this with features..cuz to me this is MY shit..MY thoughts turning to songs..and updates on how this rap shits been song form...and anything else i wanna write its about smoothness..not any and everyone is gonna fit in on it this time i plan to have Chuck Larry once again..possibly KidGenius...Trizzy of guy Kash...and thats lookin like it...altho i would like a Blo Smallz verse on there...hmmm..we'll see what happens..(UPDATE) also..i was supposed to have D. Schwartz (one of my favorite his name for his twitter and click here for his official blog) on an offical track instead of what i did on the first MM..which was just put a verse on one of his songs that just had a free spot so that was free as hell to do.....but i suck at savin money so i prolly wont be able to pay him in time to get that MM2 verse..but hes one of my top 3 favorite rappers so just to have him say he WOULD do it and hear him say that he likes what i did on his song on the first just an awesome feeling..that was one of my be on a song with him and have him fuck wit if thats still the case (meaning he still would do an official song) then when i get to pay him...somehow..ill prolly do a remix to the song i wanted him on on MM2 or do somethin completely new..but we'll just see how it goes...

So yea anyway i dont wanna bore thass all the info ill give..ill update yall on the progress..


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