Thursday, 22 December 2011

My Verse From "Smoke Trees" (High Times)

For the track on High Times called Smoke Trees...i decided to try somethin different..i didnt wanna hop on a track called Smoke Trees and and rap about weed like "im smokin on that good shit that muhfuckn dro..u smokin on that wack shit im fuckin all yo hoes"...not that theres anything wrong wit that cuz its been done and it works..but for me..i decided to try somethin i described my usual experience i have when im realllllyy stoned...from my point of view and thoughts and what i do...its supposed to sound spaced out and completely random and like im "out of it" did i do?did u like it?did u not like it?dont be afraid to tell me it didnt work out for me...tweet me or leave a comment..


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